Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Does your beauty define you?

   I was sitting here trying to think of what I was going to wear tomorrow from my scrubs down to my panties and even what lace front wig I was going to put on! I even planned out what type of make up look I would do! Soooo I got to thinking? what would I do if I had to go to work and fit in with everyone else?

  What if they told me I could no longer wear make up or that I could only wear my hair back in a ponytail! How would I feel? Would I feel Self conscience? Would I feel less beautiful? Would I feel less of a woman? Sadly the answer I came up with was, hell yes I would feel self conscience! Hell yes I would feel less beautiful and Hell yes I would like less of a woman!

  I know to some this may sound horrible, but I have to keep it real with y'all! I feel like I keep my self up for a reason and I like to present myself as a well put together female! Now with that being said you can still be well put together without wearing make up or wearing a lace front wig, It just depends on what your definition of beauty is and we all have different ideals.

  I just feel for me, that I am more confident with my game face on and I feel like people take me serious. I do go out of the house some days to run errands with just a ponytail and no make up and some days I'm like o.k. I look cute and other days I just feel busted and disgusted! So I wanna know does your beauty define who you are as a person?

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