Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Keep your hands to yourself!

   So I was compelled to post this as well as a video about it, because I was just floored at how this women was treated! Now I know she was dressed like..... Well, lets face it! A HO! I'm just keeping it real! Anytime you wear something out the house like that with no bra or panties, you are going to be labeled a ho!
   Now that I got that out of the way, it doesn't matter how she was dressed NO WOMAN! Should ever be treated like this! These dudes in this video were straight up B***hes! I also wanna know where her friends were or if she was out dressed like this alone!?! If this woman was out by herself in what seems to be a crowd of dudes i would hope that she makes better choices from here on out!
   Stay tuned for are video discussing this situation!


  1. It seem's to me that this women obviously had no common sense to protect herself by the way she was dressed. These men where attracted by what they saw " A HO" and she was real bold walking in the mist of them thinking she wasn't going to be harmed or degraded by them.. These men could have had more self-respect to treat her like a women despite what she had on..But to me both parties are at fault..and this just shows how people are down right ignorant.

    Love Always
    "The queen of her throne"

  2. Seriously... why she walking outside half-naked?!!!
    But why he trying to rip the little bit of clothes she had on off.
    She needed to say something!

  3. TY!I just dont understand why someone would act like this! I guess no home training on both sides!