Monday, August 23, 2010

Henna Tutorial: Part 1- Mixing your Henna.




Saran wrap

Lemon juice

Apple cider vinegar

Cayenne pepper


Ground cloves

Henna 0.25 lbs

This is the Henna before adding any extras.

Cayenne pepper added.

Parika added.

Ground cloves added

2-3 tablespoons of (ACV) mixed in.

Bottled lemon juice added, enough to make the henna like lumpy mashed potatoes. Basically making sure all the Henna is saturated. I then added enough water to make it cake batter consistency.

Finished product.

Piece of paper placed, so I can monitor color release. It should start turning orange as the dye releases.

Henna covered with saran wrap with all the air pushed out.

Henna floating in a warm bath for about a half-hour(This is supposed to speed up dye release)

after this I put the Henna under my sink and let it sit for around 24 hours. The time you let your Henna sit depends on the type of Henna and what you are trying to achieve, for strengthening only you do not need to let it sit, but if you want color you will want it to sit for a longer time.
This is the end of my tutorial stay tuned for the application of the Henna in Henna Tutorial Part 2.

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